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RadSlideView allows you to attach commands that will be executed when the slide actions occurs. To do this you can use the Commands collection and add a custom SlideViewCommand for each custom action you want to execute.

CommandId Enumeration

All the predefined commands within a RadSlideView instance are identified by a member of the SlideViewCommandId enumeration. This is actually the key that relates a command instance to a particular action/routine within the owning slideview. In order to register a custom command within a RadSlideView instance you need to inherit from SlideViewCommand class and override its CanExecute and Execute methods. Following are the members of the CommandId enumerations:

  • SlidingToIndex
  • SlidedToIndex

For each of the available commands there is a context object of type [CommandId]CommandContext (namely SlideViewSlidingToIndexCommandContext and SlideViewSlidedToIndexCommandContext) which is passed as a parameter in its Execute method. The context object provides information identical to the corresponding event's args.


This example shows how to add a custom command for the SlidingToIndex action.

First, create a class that inherits from SlideViewCommand and set its Id property accordingly. You would also need to override CanExecute and Execute methods as demonstrated in the example below:

public class CustomSlideViewCommand : SlideViewCommand
    public CustomSlideViewCommand()
        this.Id = SlideViewCommandId.SlidingToIndex;

    public override bool CanExecute(object parameter)
        return true;

    public override void Execute(object parameter)
        var slidedToIndex = (parameter as SlideViewSlidingToIndexCommandContext).Index;
        //add your logic here
        Application.Current.MainPage.DisplayAlert("", "You're about to go to slide " + slidedToIndex, "OK");

Then add this Command to the Commands collection of the RadSlideView instance:

this.slideView.Commands.Add(new CustomSlideViewCommand());

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