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RadMap provides the following commands of type ICommand which handle the zoom level of the visualized shapes:

  • ZoomInCommand

  • ZoomOutCommand

You can manually call these commands, for example on button click action, to zoom-in or zoom-out respectively, the shapes displayed in RadMap.

Following is a quick example on how the commands of the Map control can be called from external UI:

Let's have the following Map definition:

<telerikMap:RadMap x:Name="map" MinZoomLevel="2" MaxZoomLevel="5">
                <telerikMap:MapShapeReader x:Name="reader"/>

where the Source of the MapShapeReader is defined like this:

var assembly = this.GetType().Assembly;
var source = MapSource.FromResource("", assembly);
this.reader.Source = source;

Lastly, add two buttons that will execute the Map commands - their Command property is bound to the corresponding Zoom command of the Map instance:

<Button Text="Zoom In" Command="{Binding Source={x:Reference map}, Path=ZoomInCommand}"/>
<Button Text="Zoom Out" Command="{Binding Source={x:Reference map}, Path=ZoomOutCommand}"/>

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