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The purpose of this help article is to show you the styling options of the RadCheckBox control.


RadCheckBox exposes a few useful Color properties for customizing its visual appearance. You could set the color of the check mark as well as the control itself in each of the available states.

  • Background/Border Colors
    • CheckedColor: Defines the Color applied to the control when it is checked. This is both the border and background color.
    • UncheckedColor: Defines the Color applied to the control when it is unchecked. This is the border color only, the background is transparent when unchecked.
    • IndeterminateColor: Defines the Color applied to the control when it is in Indeterminate state. This is both the border and background color.
  • Symbol Colors
    • CheckedSymbolColor: Defines the Color applied to the check symbol of the control when it is in Checked state.
    • IndeterminateSymbolColor: Defines the Color applied to the Indeterminate symbol of the control.


Here is an example how to apply indeterminate color and indeterminate symbol color:

Checked Color

<telerikPrimitives:RadCheckBox CheckedColor="Aqua" />


<telerikPrimitives:RadCheckBox UncheckedColor="DarkBlue" />


<telerikPrimitives:RadCheckBox CheckedSymbolColor="Black" />

Indeterminate and IndeterminateSymbol Color

<telerikPrimitives:RadCheckBox x:Name="checkbox" IsChecked="{x:Null}" IndeterminateColor="Brown" IndeterminateSymbolColor="Coral" />

Here is the result at runtime with all of the above examples:

CheckBox Color Changing Options Example

RadCheckBox follows the guidelines of the operating system, meaning that on iOS it is visualized as circle and on Android and UWP - as square.


Telerik UI for Xamarin allows you to override the default theme and provide an entire set of colors across all the controls in a custom theme. Visit the Modifying the Default Theme article for more instructions.

The colors you can set in the custom theme are as follows

<!-- CheckBox -->
<Color x:Key="TelerikCheckBoxCheckedColor">#3148CA</Color>
<Color x:Key="TelerikCheckBoxCheckedSymbolColor">White</Color>
<Color x:Key="TelerikCheckBoxIndeterminateColor">#3148CA</Color>
<Color x:Key="TelerikCheckBoxIndeterminateSymbolColor">White</Color>
<Color x:Key="TelerikCheckBoxUncheckedColor">#919191</Color>

To use the custom theme on any RadCheckBox instance, set the StyleClass="Telerik", here's an example:

<primitives:RadCheckBox StyleClass="Telerik" />

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