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Key Properties

This article will list the key properties provided by the RadTaskBoard control.


This is a boolean property which determines whether the control will auto generate its columns or not. By default this property is true. You can disable the auto generation of the columns by setting the AutoGenerateColumns property to false. Then you will need to define them manually.

Example 1: Manually defined columns

   <telerik:RadTaskBoard x:Name="taskBoard" GroupMemberPath="State" AutoGenerateColumns="False"> 
            <telerik:TaskBoardColumn GroupName="Not Done" /> 
            <telerik:TaskBoardColumn GroupName="In Progress" /> 
            <telerik:TaskBoardColumn GroupName="Done" /> 


It allows you to specify the property, whose value will be used to group the task items.

Example 2: Set GroupMemberPath

   <telerik:RadTaskBoard x:Name="taskBoard" GroupMemberPath="State" /> 

ColumnWidth and CollapsedColumnWidth

Through the ColumnWidth and CollapsedColumnWidth, you can control the default Width of the TaskBoardColumn in expanded and collapsed state. Example 3 shows how to set these properties and their default values.

Example 3: Set ColumnWidth and CollapsedColumnWidth

    this.taskBoard.ColumnWidth = 300;  
    this.taskBoard.CollapsedColumnWidth = 42;  


To change the default height of the headers inside the columns you can use the ColumnHeaderHeight property of the RadTaskBoard. Example 4 shows how to set this property and its default value.

Example 4: Set ColumnHeaderHeight

   this.taskBoard.ColumnHeaderHeight = 40;  


To further customize the headers of all columns, you can create your own DataTemplate and apply it to the ColumnHeaderTemplate property of the RadTaskBoard.

Example 5: Set ColumnHeaderTemplate

   <telerik:RadTaskBoard x:Name="taskBoard" GroupMemberPath="State" ItemsSource="{Binding Data}"> 
                <TextBlock Text="{Binding }" FontSize="25" Foreground="Red"/> 


To increase the space between the columns, you can set the ColumnOffset property. Example 5 shows how to set this property and its default value.

Example 6: Set ColumnOffset

   this.taskBoard.ColumnOffset = 10;  

CanUserSelect, IsDragDropEnabled, and CanUserCollapseColumns

To restrict the user from selecting / reordering the tasks, or collapsing the column you can use the corresponding properties: CanUserSelect, IsDragDropEnabled, and CanUserCollapseColumns

Example 7: Set CanUserSelect, IsDragDropEnabled, and CanUserCollapseColumns

   <telerik:RadTaskBoard x:Name="taskBoard" GroupMemberPath="State" CanUserCollapseColumns="False" CanUserSelect="False" IsDragDropEnabled="False" /> 


The control exposes a Categories property of type IEnumerable. You can use it to specify different category indicator color for your task. More information can be found in the Category Indicator help article.


The control allows you to change the height of all tasks by setting the ItemHeight property. The default height of all items is 140.

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