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This article lists the events specific for the RadStepProgressBar control.

  • StepClicked: Occurs when a RadStepProgressBarItem is clicked. The event arguments are of type StepClickedEventArgs and provide information about the clicked step, the new progress and whether the selection should be canceled or not.

        private void RadStepProgressBar_StepClicked(object sender, Telerik.Windows.Controls.StepProgressBar.StepClickedEventArgs e) 
            RadStepProgressBarItem clickedItem = e.ClickedItem; 
            double newProgress = e.NewProgress; 
            bool isSelectionCanceled = e.CancelSelection; // You can set the CancelSelection property to True in order to stop the selection of the step. 
  • SelectionChanged: Occurs after a RadStepProgressBarItem is clicked (if the selection is not canceled) or after updating the SelectedIndex property of the control. The event arguments are of type StepSelectionChangedEventArgs and provide information about the new progress and the clicked step.

        private void RadStepProgressBar_SelectionChanged(object sender, Telerik.Windows.Controls.StepProgressBar.StepSelectionChangedEventArgs e) 
            var stepProgressBar = (RadStepProgressBar)sender; 
            object selectedItem = stepProgressBar.SelectedItem; // This can contain a RadStepProgressBarItem if the Items collection is populated, or any other object type if the ItemsSource is used. 
            double newProgress = e.NewProgress; 

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