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Getting Started

In order to use RadSlider control in your projects you have to add reference to the Telerik.Windows.Controls assembly. You can find more info here.If you are new to e WPF check the article Namespace Declaration Namespace Declaration to see namespaces in XAML. After you have referenced the assembly and you have named it for example "telerik" your XAML declaration should look similar to this:

<telerik:RadSlider Value="5" Minimum="0" SmallChange="1" Maximum="100"/>

Code-behind declaration:

RadSlider slider = new RadSlider();
slider.Maximum = 100;
slider.Minimum = 0;
slider.Value = 5;
slider.SmallChange = 1;
Dim slider As New RadSlider()
slider.Maximum = 100
slider.Minimum = 0
slider.Value = 5
slider.SmallChange = 1

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