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Key Features

This is a list with short descriptions of the top-of-the-line features of Telerik's RadScheduleView control:

  • Performance - The RadScheduleView control provides blazing fast performance through the built-in databinding capabilities and UI virtualization with container recycling. UI Virtualization creates containers only for the appointments that are visible in the viewport. Container recycling is a feature allowing reusing container for appointment that is out of the view. This allows extremely fast and smooth scrolling of thousands and millions of appointments.

  • Edit Forms - Easily create and edit appointments using the Edit Forms the control provides. The Edit Forms are displayed in built-in dialog windows. Furthermore, the theming mechanism of the control lets you easily customize the Edit Forms and their containing dialog windows.

  • Built-in and Custom Views - RadScheduleView comes with four predefined views – Day, Week, Month and Timeline, which can be further customized. If you need to add your own view definition to the existing ones, you can do it with a single line of code.

  • Multi-level Grouping - You can display multiple resources and group the appointments accordingly. You can assign appointments to several resources and then group them as you need. The ScheduleView will display the appointments and groups in nested columns or rows according to the Orientation of the control.

  • Orientation - You can change the Horizontal or the Vertical orientation of all view definitions.

  • Exact Rendering of Appointments - RadScheduleView allows for great precision when visualizing the appointments in the appropriate timeslots. All appointments within the RadScheduleView are rendered in a way that you can see the exact start/finish time of the appointment.

  • Dragging multiple appointments - You can move several appointments at once with the ScheduleView. With the improved API you can fully customize the drag-drop and the resize operations.

  • Zooming - With the new zooming capability you can zoom in and out the appointments within the visible area of your schedule. Thus, you can navigate through an enormous amount of appointments in a really smart way keeping the fast performance of the control.

  • Snap Appointments - You can easily snap appointments according to the size of the defined TimeSlot items with setting the SnapAppointments property.

  • Creating Recurrent Appointment using TimeSlot selection - The new selection API allows selecting rows of hours across several days (recurring selections) and create recurring appointments for the selected time using the keyboard or the context menu.

  • Truly Lookless, Stylable Control - You are free to customize the appearance of your RadScheduleView control with your own themes and templates. Restyling RadScheduleView with the available themes is as simple as changing a property.

  • Rich User Experience - The RadScheduleView control allows you to perform various operations in an interactive manner. You can drag tasks to new time slots or days, resize tasks to change their length, create all day appointments or modify your appointments through inline editing.

  • Flexible Recurring Appointments Support - The control features the ability to configure repeating appointments with ultimate flexibility. Use the advanced editing options to apply recurring scheduling patterns such as daily, weekly, monthly or set a range of recurrence from a date to date. The flexible rule mechanism covers all possible recurrence scenarios.

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