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Keyboard Support

The article describes the Keyboard Support feature of RadNavigationView.

Keyboard Shortcuts

This section describes the keyboard shortcuts supported by RadNavigationView.

  • Escape: Closes the Navigation Pane.

  • Up: Highlights the previous RadNavigationViewItem.

  • Down: Highlights the next RadNavigationViewItem.

  • Left: Highlights the previous RadNavigationViewItem. If the currently highlighted item has children and it is expanded, it will collapse it.

  • Right: Highlights the next RadNavigationViewItem. If the currently highlighted item has children and it is collapsed, it will expand it.

  • PageUp: Highlights the 10th item previous to the currently highlighted item or the first item if there are less than 10.

  • PageDown: Highlights the 10th item after the currently highlighted item or the last item if there are less than 10.

  • Enter: Selects the currently highlighted item.

  • Home: Highlights the first RadNavigationViewItem.

  • End: Highlights the last RadNavigationViewItem.

  • F4: Opens/Closes the NavigationPane.

Customize Shortcuts

In order to customize the behavior for a given shortcut or introduce custom behavior, the HandleKeyDown virtual method can be overriden. Example 1 demonstrates how this can be done in order to prevent the closing of the Navigation Pane when the Escape key is hit.

Example 1: Overriding the RadNavigationView behavior for the Escape key

public class CustomNavigationView : RadNavigationView 
    protected override bool HandleKeyDown(Key key) 
        if(key == Key.Escape) 
            return false; 
        return base.HandleKeyDown(key); 
Public Class CustomNavigationView 
    Inherits RadNavigationView 
    Protected Overrides Function HandleKeyDown(ByVal key As Key) As Boolean 
        If key Is Key.Escape Then 
            Return False 
        End If 
        Return MyBase.HandleKeyDown(key) 
    End Function 
End Class 

Keyboard Navigation Selection

By default, when the user is navigating through the RadNavigationViewItems with the keyboard, they are only highlighted, but not selected. However, you can change this behavior by setting the CanKeyboardNavigationSelectItems property of the RadNavigationView to True. This way the RadNavigationViewItems will be selected when navigating through them.

Example 1: Setting the CanKeyboardNavigationSelectItems property

 <telerik:RadNavigationView CanKeyboardNavigationSelectItems="True" /> 

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