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CurrentItem, SelectedItem and SelectedItems

This article explains the usage of the SelectedItem, CurrentItem & SelectedItems properties.


The SelectedItem property of RadGridView is used to access the data item of the selected row. It changes its value every time the selected row changes and exposes the object to which the row is bound. As it is a dependency property, you can easily bind it to a value in your viewmodel as demonstrated in Example 1 & Example 2.

Example 1: Binding to SelectedItem

<telerik:RadGridView SelectedItem="{Binding SelectedItem}" /> 

Example 2: The viewmodel's SelectedItem property

public class MainViewModel : ViewModelBase 
    private object selectedItem; 
    public object SelectedItem 
        get { return this.selectedItem; } 
            if (value != this.selectedItem) 
                this.selectedItem = value; 
Public Class MainViewModel 
Inherits ViewModelBase 
    Private _selectedItem As Object 
    Public Property SelectedItem() As Object 
            Return Me._selectedItem 
        End Get 
        Set(ByVal value As Object) 
            If value IsNot Me._selectedItem Then 
                Me._selectedItem = value 
            End If 
        End Set 
    End Property 
End Class 


The CurrentItem property of the RadGridView corresponds to the CurrentItem of the bound ICollectionView (the control's Items collection). It may or may not coincide with the selected row and SelectedItem respectively.

Prior to R2 2010 version, the current item was synchronized with the selected item. As a result, the first row of the GridView was selected initially. To prevent this, you need to set the IsSynchronizedWithCurrentItem property of RadGridView to False. Since the R2 2010 version, the IsSynchronizedWithCurrentItem is null by default. In this case, SelectedItem is synchronized with the CurrentItem only if a CollectionView is used as an ItemsSource.


The SelectedItems property is a collection of data items, which holds the currently selected items. With this said, you can add and remove items from this collection in order to select and deselect the corresponding rows.

You can use the SelectedItems collection only when the SelectionUnit is set to FullRow (the default value), otherwise it is null. It contains more than one item only when the SelectionMode is either Multiple or Extended.

An example of how to bind the SelectedItems collection to a collection in your viewmodel can be found in our SDK Samples Browser. The source code of the demo is also available in our GitHub repository.

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