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Dialog Types

RadFilePathPicker comes with a predefined set of dialog types. The available types are determined by the DialogType enumeration and the chosen option can be set to the DialogType property of the control. Depending on the DialogType, one of the RadFileDialog controls is opened when the show dialog button is clicked.


OpenFile is the default value of the DialogType property and in that case a RadOpenFileDialog is opened.


When the DialogType is OpenFolder, a RadOpenFolderDialog is opened.


When the DialogType is SaveFile, a RadSaveFileDialog is opened.

Open а Native Windows Dialog

In order to open a native windows dialog instead of the RadFileDialogs, you can handle the DialogOpening event as demonstrated in Example 1.

Example 1: Defining RadFilePathPicker

private void RadFilePathPicker_DialogOpening(object sender, Telerik.Windows.Controls.FileDialogs.DialogOpeningEventArgs e) 
    e.Cancel = true; 
    OpenFileDialog dialog = new OpenFileDialog(); 
    if (dialog.ShowDialog() == true) 
        RadFilePathPicker picker = sender as RadFilePathPicker; 
        if (picker != null) 
            picker.FilePath = dialog.FileName; 

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