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Telerik Diagramming Framework provides a list of ViewModels defined in the Telerik.Windows.Controls.Diagrams.Extensions.dll.

This article describes the ItemViewModelBase class defined in the Diagramming Extensions.


The ItemViewModelBase class is designed to serve as a base ViewModel that can describe any RadDiagramItem. It implements the ViewModelBase class.

ItemViewModelBase Inheritance Model


ItemViewModelBase exposes one constructor - ItemViewModelBase() that initializes a new instance of the class.


The ItemViewModelBase class exposes the following properties:

Name Description
Visibility Gets or sets the Visibility of an item. It is of type Visibility.
Position Gets or sets the coordinates of a Point that represents the position of an item on the diagramming surface.
Content Gets or sets an object that represents the content of an item.
IsSelected Gets or sets a Boolean value indicating whether an item is selected.

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