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Telerik Diagramming Framework provides a list of ViewModels defined in the Telerik.Windows.Controls.Diagrams.Extensions.dll.

This article describes the ContainerNodeViewModelBase defined in the Diagramming Extensions.


ContainerNodeViewModelBase is a ViewModel designed to serve as a base ViewModel for RadDiagramContainerShapes in a data-bound RadDiagram. The class is defined to expose properties that allow you to track and save the state of a ContainerShape in business models. It derives from the NodeViewModelBase class and implements the IContainerItem interface.

ContainerNodeViewModelBase Inheritance Model raddiagram-data-containernodeviewmodel

ContainerNodeViewModelBase has a single constructor - ContainerNodeViewModelBase() that initializes a new instance of the class.


The ContainerNodeViewModelBase class exposes the following properties:


Name Description
InternalItems Gets the internal ObservableCollection of nodes that are wrapped in the container.

And as the class derives from the NodeViewModelBase, it also inherits all of its properties:

Inherited Properties

Name Description
Width Gets or sets a Double value indicating the Width of the represented shape.
Height Gets or sets a Double value indicating the Height of the represented shape.
RotationAngle Gets or sets a Double value indicating the rotation angle of the represented shape.
Visibility Gets or sets the Visibility of the represented shape. The property is of type Visibility.
Position Gets or sets the coordinates of a Point that represents the position of the represented shape.
Content Gets or sets an object that represents the content of a shape.
IsSelected Gets or sets a Boolean value indicating whether the represented shape is selected.


The ContainerNodeViewModelBase class exposes the following methods:

Name Description
AddItem Adds an object to the InternalItems collection.
RemoveItem Removes an object from the InternalItems collection.

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