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Key Properties

This topic goes through the key properties of the RadContextMenu control.


By default, the RadContextMenu element displays a column used for visualizing the icons of the menu items. RadContextMenu Icon Column

Its width can be controlled through the IconColumnWidth property. For example, it can be entirely hidden by setting the property value to 0.

Setting the IconColumnWidth property

 <telerik:RadContextMenu IconColumnWidth="0"/> 

RadContextMenu with hidden icon column

RadContextMenu Icon Column


Setting this property manipulates whether RadContextMenu will close automatically or not. Its default value is False. By setting it to True, the RadContextMenu control will stay open when the user clicks the menu items.


RadContextMenu provides a mechanism for controlling the horizontal distance between the target origin and the popup alignment point through the HorizontalOffset property.

Setting the HorizontalOffset property

<telerik:RadContextMenu HorizontalOffset="150"/> 

RadContextMenu with its HorizontalOffset property set

RadContextMenu Icon Column


RadContextMenu can be opened only when a specific event is raised. EventName is the property through which the given event can be pointed to.


The ModifierKey property is used in conjunction with the EventName one. It is used when opening RadContextMenu only for a specific event is needed, but with a specified modifier key pressed as well. It is an enumeration type and has the following values.


The MousePosition property provides information regarding the position of the mouse at the moment when the menu was opened relative to the element that caused its opening. It returns a Point value.


Returns the instance of the element to which RadContextMenu is attached.


Similarly to the HorizontalOffset property, the VerticalOffset one provides a mechanism for setting the vertical distance between the target origin and the popup alignment point.


By default, the RadContextMenu inherits the DataContext of its parent element. If you want to avoid that, you can set the InheritDataContext property to False.


When opened the RadContextMenu automatically gets the focus. To automatically return the focus back to the parent element that opened the context menu when the menu gets closed, set the RestoreFocusToTargetElement property to True.

Setting the RestoreFocusToTargetElement property

<telerik:RadContextMenu RestoreFocusToTargetElement="True"/> 


The ShowKeyboardCuesOnOpen property allows you to control the visibility of the keyboard cues, when the RadContextMenu element is opened. The default value of this property is null. This means that the set access keys will automatically show when the menu is opened through the keyboard. Setting this property to true will always visualize the modifier keys when the RadContextMenu is opened through the keyboard or via a mouse. If the property is set to false the keyboard cues will not be shown.

By setting the ShowKeyboardCuesOnOpen property to true, there will be no need to hold the Alt key when the RadContextMenu is opened via a mouse.

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