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TimeRuler Configuration

This topic describes how to configure the TimeRuler of the RadScheduler control.

TimeRuler Configuration

There are two key properties that control the Height of the TimeRuler:

  • MinTimeRulerExtent: Gets or sets the minimum height of the TimeRuler in pixels. If the viewport is smaller than this value, a scrollbar will appear.

  • MaxTimeRulerExtent: Gets or sets the maximum height of the TimeRuler in pixels. If the viewport is bigger than this value, empty space will appear below the time ruler.

Example 1: Setting the MinTimeRulerExtent and MaxTimeRulerExtent

<telerik:RadScheduler AppointmentsSource="{Binding Appointments}"   
                          MaxTimeRulerExtent="600" > 
                <telerik:DayViewDefinition  /> 
                <telerik:WeekViewDefinition /> 
                <telerik:TimelineViewDefinition /> 
The TimeRuler resizes according the size of the RadScheduler until the TimeRuler extend is between the Min/MaxTimeRulerExtent properties.

The height of all TimeSlots cannot be greater than the value of MaxTimeRulerExtent property and cannot be smaller than the value of the MinTimeRulerExtent property.

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