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Tree Lines and Rows

To display lines connecting nodes in RadTreeView set the ShowLines property to true. Control the appearance of the lines using the LineStyle and LineColor properties. LineStyle is of type TreeLineStyle and includes the following members Solid, Dash, Dot, DashDot, DashDotDot.

radTreeView1.ShowLines = true;
radTreeView1.LineStyle = TreeLineStyle.DashDot;

RadTreeView1.ShowLines = True
RadTreeView1.LineStyle = TreeLineStyle.DashDot

treeview-styling-and-appearance-tree-lines-and-rows 001

To select rows spanning the entire width of RadTreeView (rather than just the node label), set the FullRowSelect property to true and ShowLines to false. In addition you can set the alternating row color by setting the AllowAlternatingRowColor and AlternatingRowColor properties.

radTreeView1.TreeViewElement.AllowAlternatingRowColor = true;
radTreeView1.TreeViewElement.AlternatingRowColor = Color.LightBlue;

RadTreeView1.TreeViewElement.AllowAlternatingRowColor = True
RadTreeView1.TreeViewElement.AlternatingRowColor = Color.LightBlue

treeview-styling-and-appearance-tree-lines-and-rows 002

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