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Updating Assemblies in a Project

The following topic will show you how to use a specific version of the Telerik UI for WinForms suite in your project.

updating-assemblies-in-a-project 001

When you download a .zip containing all binaries for a specific version from your account, you need to replace the already existing assemblies in your project. Follow the steps:

  1. Unzip the downloaded archive.
  2. Select your project in Visual Studio >> Solution Explorer and expand the References section.

    updating-assemblies-in-a-project 002

  3. Select the already added Telerik assemblies and delete them:

    updating-assemblies-in-a-project 003

  4. Right-click over References and select Add reference...

    updating-assemblies-in-a-project 004

  5. Navigate to the unzipped folder and select the necessary references:

    updating-assemblies-in-a-project 005

Now, you are ready to build and run your project with the downloaded version from your account.

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