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Download Product Files

When you purchase a UI for WinForms license, you can download the following files:

  • Standalone installers

  • Latest internal builds

  • Assemblies and themes only

  • Previous versions

  • Source code

  • Documentation files

Тo download these files:

  1. Log into your account.

  2. Click the Downloads tab:

    installation-deployment-and-distribution-download-product-files 006

  3. Select the UI for WinForms product tile:

    installation-deployment-and-distribution-download-product-files 007

  4. Select what to download: an MSI installer file, DLLs and themes, PDB files, NuGet Packages, documentation files, or Source code:

    installation-deployment-and-distribution-download-product-files 008

  5. From the Version drop down, you can select an older version to download:

    installation-deployment-and-distribution-download-product-files 009

    If you are looking for a specific version, but it isn't listed, contact our sales team, and they will enable the version for download:

  6. You can access the latest internal builds. These are the distributions built automatically from our source repository and include all latest fixes (new features are usually not included).

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