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Getting Started

There are three ways in which you can use the RadRibbonForm control:

  1. Change the base class of a standard Windows Form to Telerik.WinControls.UI.RadRibbonForm

  2. Drop a RadRibbonBar control on a RadForm control

  3. Add a new RadRibbonForm item to your project by right-clicking on the Project’s node in the Solution Explorer and selecting the "Add" option from the context menu.

 Drag-and-Drop a RadRibbonBar Control on a RadForm

When you add a RadRibbonBar control on a RadForm the Visual Studio Designer pops up a dialog which asks you whether you would like to switch the form’s behavior to RadRibbonFormBehavior:

forms-and-dialogs-ribbonform-getting-started 001

After you choose to replace the form's default behavior with a RadRibbonFormBehavior, the RadForm is transformed to a RadRibbonForm:

forms-and-dialogs-ribbonform-getting-started 002

Switching to RadRibbonFormBehavior does not change the base class to RadRibbonForm but enables the RadRibbonForm functionality on the RadForm control.

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