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Building complex filter expressions is a breeze with RadDataFilter. The control allows specifying expressions based on the fields.properties available in the data source. The intuitive UI of the control is designed to facilitate the end-user while empowering the developer to create related expressions with a few clicks.

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Key features:

  • Intuitive Expression Building: With the extremely intuitive UI, RadDataFilter is very user-friendly. Select your filter options with a simple point-and-click. The control allows specifying expressions based on the fields available in the data source. You can build complex expressions on multiple fields with And/Or operators and myriad of filter functions.

  • Seamless Integration: RadDataFilter can communicate with BidingSource (or any other class that implements IBindingListView), DataTable and DataView. This allows you to pair the control with controls that display collections of items like GridView, TreeView, ComboBox, etc.

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