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.NET Core Project Converter

Since R2 2020 Telerik UI for WinForms suite provides tooling in Visual Studio 2019, via our Visual Studio Extensions, that will convert client projects that use .NET Framework 4.8 (or lower) into .NET Core projects to ease out the migration.

It is based on the Try-Convert tool and the .NET Portability Analyzer that Microsoft offers to help .NET developers port their projects to .NET Core. Please have in mind that even though the conversion may be successful, we don't guarantee that the project will be compiled and you may need to fine-tune the output.

This article will guide you through the conversion process:

  1. Let's start with an existing Telerik WinForms project that uses .NET Framework 4.5:

    net-core-project-converter 001

    net-core-project-converter 002

  2. Navigate to the Extensions menu. If the Telerik menu item is not available, click Manage Extensions and download it:

    net-core-project-converter 003

    net-core-project-converter 004

  3. After restarting Visual Studio, you are expected to see the .NET Core Project Converter option in the Extensions menu and in the project's context menu as well:

    net-core-project-converter 005

    net-core-project-converter 006

  4. Run the converter and follow the wizard:

    net-core-project-converter 007

    net-core-project-converter 008

    net-core-project-converter 009

    net-core-project-converter 010

    net-core-project-converter 011

    net-core-project-converter 012

    net-core-project-converter 013

  5. Now, the project can be run using .NET Core 3.1:

    net-core-project-converter 014

  6. There is a backup folder containing the initial project:

    net-core-project-converter 015

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