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RadWizardElement encapsulates the UI representation and functionality of RadWizard. This element initializes the view of the control:

  • WizardMode.Wizard97 for the Wizard 97 mode.

  • WizardMode.Aero for Wizard Aero mode.

The view contains the following elements:

  • Pages collection – collection which contains Internal, Welcome and Completion RadWizard pages.

  • Page header – element which is located above each page and contains elements for title text, header text and page icon.

  • Command area– element which is located below each page and contains command button – Back (Wizard 97), Next, Cancel, Finish, and Help.

  • Welcome image– element which contains the image of the Welcome page.

  • Completion image - element which contains the image of the Completion page.

  • Top element– element which contains the Back button of Wizard Aero view.

On the screenshots below, you can see the Welcome pages for both wizard mode with the described elements in them:

Figure 1: Wizard97

WinForms RadWizard Wizard97

Figure 2: Wizard Aero

WinForms RadWizard Wizard Aero

The following screenshots describe the inner structure and organization of the elements which build the RadWizard control.

Figure 3: RadWizard's elements hierarchy in WizardMode.Wizard97

WinForms RadWizard's elements hierarchy in WizardMode Wizard97

Figure 4: RadWizard visual structure in WizardMode.Wizard97

WinForms RadWizard's Visual Structure in WizardMode Wizard97

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