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RadWizard supports both Wizard 97 and Wizard Aero specifications. You can set the mode of the control using its Mode property:

Setting modes

this.radWizard1.Mode = WizardMode.Wizard97;

Me.RadWizard1.Mode = WizardMode.Wizard97

Figire 1: WizardMode.Wizard97

WinForms RadWizard WizardMode Wizard97

The aero style of WizardMode.Aero can be enabled (for Windows Vista and later versions) or disabled. You can achieve it using the EnableAeroStyle property of RadWizard.

Enabling aero style

this.radWizard1.Mode = WizardMode.Aero;
this.radWizard1.EnableAeroStyle = true;

Me.RadWizard1.Mode = WizardMode.Aero
Me.RadWizard1.EnableAeroStyle = True

Figure 2: WizardMode.Aero with enabled aero

WinForms RadWizard WizardMode Aero with enabled aero

Disable Aero Style

this.radWizard1.Mode = WizardMode.Aero;
this.radWizard1.EnableAeroStyle = false;

Me.RadWizard1.Mode = WizardMode.Aero
Me.RadWizard1.EnableAeroStyle = False

Figure 3: WizardMode.Aero with disabled aero

WinForms RadWizard WizardMode Aero with disabled aero

When RadWizard is in Aero mode with disabled Aero style, the appearance of the control is defined by the styles in its theme.

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