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Keyboard Navigation and Search

Keyboard Navigation

The user can navigate RadTreeView and control TreeView modes using the following keyboard commands:  

Key Description
treeview-usability-keyboard-navigation 001 Up Arrow moves the selection up in the nodes hierarchy
treeview-usability-keyboard-navigation 002 Down Arrow moves the selection down in the nodes hierarchy
treeview-usability-keyboard-navigation 003 Left Arrow collapses a node
treeview-usability-keyboard-navigation 004 Right Arrow expands a node
treeview-usability-keyboard-navigation 005 Enter expands/collapses a node
Space Toggles node's check box
treeview-usability-keyboard-navigation 006 PageUp scrolls the scrolling area up with one frame (page)
treeview-usability-keyboard-navigation 007 PageDown scrolls the scrolling area down with one frame (page)
treeview-usability-keyboard-navigation 008 F2 activates tree's editor and places it on the selected node
treeview-usability-keyboard-navigation 009 Esc deactivates tree's editor
treeview-usability-keyboard-navigation 010 Home moves the selection to the first visible node
treeview-usability-keyboard-navigation 011 End moves the selection to the last visible node

RadTreeView allows navigation through the visible nodes by using keyboard. Two scenarios are supported by default:

  • Pressing a character will select consequently each node starting with this character

  • Typing more than one character will navigate to the first node matching the typed string

treeview-usability-keyboard-navigation 012

To enable this functionality a single property setting is needed:

radTreeView1.KeyboardSearchEnabled = true;

radTreeView1.KeyboardSearchEnabled = True

Another property of interest is the KeyboardSearchResetInterval. It is used to determine what time between keystrokes will be considered as typing. Consequent keystrokes with performed faster than the specified interval will be considered typing and once the time elapses, the matching node (if such) will be selected. Here is how to access this property to change the value of the timer:

radTreeView1.TreeViewElement.KeyboardSearchResetInterval = 500;

radTreeView1.KeyboardSearchResetInterval = 500

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