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Waiting Styles

The RadWaitingBar.WaitingStyle property determines the style for indicating the long-lasting operation. The following styles are available:

  • Indeterminate: Indicates Indeterminate style.

track-and-status-controls-waitingbar-waiting-styles 001

  • Throbber: Indicates Throbber style.

track-and-status-controls-waitingbar-waiting-styles 002

  • Dash: Indicates Dash style.

track-and-status-controls-waitingbar-waiting-styles 003

  • DotsLine: Shows a line of moving dots.

track-and-status-controls-waitingbar-waiting-styles 004

  • DotsSpinner: Shows a ring of moving dots.

track-and-status-controls-waitingbar-waiting-styles 005

  • LineRing: Shows a ring, composed of lines.

track-and-status-controls-waitingbar-waiting-styles 006

  • SegmentedRing: Shows a ring, composed of segments.

track-and-status-controls-waitingbar-waiting-styles 007

  • DotsRing: Shows a ring, composed of dots.

track-and-status-controls-waitingbar-waiting-styles 008

  • FadingRing: Shows a rotating fading ring.

track-and-status-controls-waitingbar-waiting-styles 009

  • RotatingRings: Shows two rotating rings in opposite directions.

track-and-status-controls-waitingbar-waiting-styles 010

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