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Fig.1 RadWaitingBar's elements hierarchy

WinForms RadWaitingBar's elements hierarchy

  1. WaitingBarIndicatorElement
  2. WaitingBarTextElement
  3. WaitingBarSeparatorElement

Fig.2 RadWaitingBar's structure

WinForms RadWaitingBar's structure

The RadWaitingBarElement represents the entire RadWaitingBar control. Any settings you make at this level will be inherited by all elements further down in the tree. The WaitingBarContentElement wraps up the layout logic of the waiting bar and arranges the waiting indicators, the separator element, and the text element. The WaitingBarSeparatorElement covers the WaitingBarContentElement’s area completely with a customizable stripe-pattern, hiding the waiting indicators. Stretched in the WaitingBarContentElement, the WaitingBarTextElement displays the text of the RadWaitingBar. By default, RadWaitingBar comprises two instances of WaitingBarIndicatorElements which represent the control indicators. Each WaitingBarIndicatorElement contains a WaitingBarSeparatorElement in order to allow the waiting indicators to support dash style.

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