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SpreadProcessing Features

This article briefly describes what are the available spread processing features and refer to the relevant help article.

Hyperlinks enable quick access to web pages, places in the workbook or email addresses. You can add a hyperlink via the context menu:

Figure 1: Hyperlink option in context menu

radspreadsheet-features-spreadprocessing-features 001

Figure 2: Hyperlink dialog

radspreadsheet-features-spreadprocessing-features 002

Additional information how to manipulate hyperlinks is available here.

The Hyperlink dialog can be triggered by the RadSpreadsheetRibbonBar as well. It is necessary to select the Insert tab and press the Hyperlink button.


Figure 3: Images

The image is a kind of a shape which is characterized by having an image source.

radspreadsheet-features-spreadprocessing-features 003

You can easily add an image via the RadSpreadsheetRibbonBar. It is necessary to select the Insert tab and click the Pictures button.

Figure 4: Insert image

radspreadsheet-features-spreadprocessing-features 004

Additional information how to manipulate images is available here.

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