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Properties, Methods and Events

RadOverlayManager's Properties

Property Description
OverlayInstance Return instance of OverlayScreen
ActivateAssociatedFormOnClose Gets or sets a value indicating whether the associated form will be activated(focused) when the overlay is closed.

RadOverlayManager's Methods

Method Description
Show Show the Overlay screen over the passed control
Close Close the Overlay screen.

RadOverlayManager's Events

Event Description
FormLoad Occurs when the splash form has been loaded.
FormShown Occurs when the splash form is shown.

Note that both events are created on a separate System.Threading.Threads and it is required to use BeginInvoke/Invoke when accessing it in order to prevent cross-thread exceptions. Also, these events are static and you need to explicitly unsubscribe from them in order to prevent memory leaks. Each object that is subscribed to one of these events cannot be garbage collected.

OverlayScreen Methods

Method Description
CreateFrom This method can be overriden to return your own custom form. This form will be used for the overlay screen to be place on top of the passed control.
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