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Import from ICalendar

Have you had a need to build scheduler functionality into your applications? If so, then this webinar is for you, where Telerik Evangelist John Kellar shows a variety of features like iCal support, multiple view options, strong data binding support, and an out of the box appointment dialogs.(Runtime: 32:46)

RadScheduler allows you to import appointments from the industry-standard ICalendar format by using the Import method of the RadScheduler class. Using this method you can very easily Import the appointments from a given SchedulerICalendarImporter instance and a string:

Import with String

string importString = "ICalendar string format";
this.radScheduler1.Import(importString, new SchedulerICalendarImporter());

Dim importResult As String = "ICalendar string format"
Me.RadScheduler1.Import(importResult, New SchedulerICalendarImporter)

Another override of the Import method allows you to read appointment data from a Stream:

Import with Stream

using (FileStream stream = File.OpenRead("schedule.ics"))
    this.radScheduler1.Import(stream, new SchedulerICalendarImporter());

Using stream As FileStream = File.OpenRead("schedule.ics")
    Me.RadScheduler1.Import(stream, New SchedulerICalendarImporter)
End Using

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