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RadScheduler handles the whole drag and drop operation by its AppointmentDraggingBehavior. It exposes the following public properties, methods and events:


Property Description
AutoScrollDayViewOnDrag Gets or sets a value indicating whether the appointment areas in DayView should be automatically scrolled when dragging off their bounds.
ShowCreateExceptionDialog Gets or sets a value indicating whether a prompt dialog box should be shown when the user is about to create occurrence exception via drag and drop.
DragNavigationOffset Gets or sets the offset from the bounds of the control in pixels after which the automatic view navigation will be triggered.
DragNavigationInterval Gets or sets the minimum time interval between automatic view navigations.
Scheduler The RadScheduler that owns the behaviors.
IsDragging Indicates whether there is an active drag operation.
ActiveOwner Gets the behavior's active owner.
ActiveFeedback Gets the active feedback.


Method Description
MoveFeedback Moves the active feedback to a new owner.
DoDragOver Handles dragging the active feedback to a given point.
IsRealDrag Gets whether this is a valid drag operation.
IsElementOwner Gets whether the element is found in the owners collection.
GetFeedback Gets a specific feedback.
BeginDrag Request move operation.
RemoveFeedback Removes the visual feedback. Cancels the drag operation.
Drop Handles the Drop operation.
Move Moves the feedback to a specific date in a specific resource.
AddToOwnerCollection Adds the active feedback to the active owner.
CreateFeedback Creates a new appointment feedback of a given appointment.

Events specific only for the AppointmentDraggingBehavior

Event Description
FeedbackCreating Occurs when the feedback is creating.
FeedbackInitialized Occurs when the feedback is initialized.
AppointmentMoving Occurs when an appointment is moving.
AppointmentMoved Occurs when an appointment is moved.
AppointmentDropping Occurs when drag drop is finishing.
AppointmentDropped Occurs when drag drop has finished.

By default, RadScheduler allows you to reorder the Appointments into the view either in bound or unbound mode. It is accomplished by the AppointmentDraggingBehavior. If you need to customize the default drag and drop behavior you can handle the relevant events. As a descendant of RadDragDropService, AppointmentDraggingBehavior handles the whole drag and drop operation. The PreviewDragOver event allows you to control on what targets the appointment being dragged can be dropped on. The PreviewDragDrop event allows you to get a handle on all the aspects of the drag and drop operation, the source (drag) RadScheduler, the destination (target) control, as well as the AppointmentElement being dragged. This is where we will initiate the actual physical move of the appointment(s) from one scheduler to the target control. A sample implementation is demonstrated in the Drag and Drop Using RadDragDropService help article.

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