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Customizing the Selection Mode

The PageViewMode.Stack supports three types of selection modes which define how the content area is positioned according to the selected item:

  • Standard (default): used by default and implies that the content area is positioned right next to the stack (according to the stack position as well) regardless of the currently selected item.

    WinForms RadPageView

  • ContentWithSelected: implies that the content area is positioned with the selected item (before it in the stack direction).

    WinForms RadPageView

  • ContentAfterSelected: The selected item is highlighted and its content is displayed after it according to the stack orientation.

    WinForms RadPageView

To set the selection mode you should use the ItemSelectionMode property of the RadPageViewStackElement as demonstrated in the code snippet below:

Setting the ItemSelectionMode property

RadPageViewStackElement stackElement = this.radPageView1.ViewElement as RadPageViewStackElement;
stackElement.ItemSelectionMode = StackViewItemSelectionMode.ContentWithSelected;

Dim stackElement As RadPageViewStackElement = TryCast(Me.radPageView1.ViewElement, RadPageViewStackElement)
stackElement.ItemSelectionMode = StackViewItemSelectionMode.ContentWithSelected

The ViewElement property of the RadPageView control returns a reference to the main element of the currently active view in the control. So, to cast the ViewElement to any an element representing a specific view type, you should make sure that you have set the ViewMode of the RadPageView control to this view type.

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