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Keyboard Navigation

Keyboard navigation

You can navigate RadMenuItems using the keyboard arrow keys and if a menu item owns the focus, you can use the Enter and the Escape keys to respectively open or close the sub items for a given item.


Accelerators are a fast way to associate a keyboard shortcut to a menu item, for instance the File menu item to the shortcut Alt+F. In order to do that precede the F letter in the File string with the & symbol e.g. &File. The F letter is underscored when visualized and the Alt+F, Alt+f shortcuts are set automatically. These shortcuts work for the whole application no matter whether the menu has the current focus or not.


You can assign mnemonics to the menu items. For example, you can use the N key to invoke the command associated with the New menu item. To implement that you need to modify the Text property of the New menu item by preceding the character N with the symbol &:

Assigning mnemonics

radMenuItem1.Text = "&New";

radMenuItem1.Text = "&New"

Mnemonics and accelerators are different features. For example, you need the accelerator Alt+F to open the file menu and the mnemonic N to invoke the event handler associated with the New menu item.


You can use the F10 key to select the first menu item in your application. This is a common functionality in all Windows applications.

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