Property Description
StretchItems Indicates whether the menu items should be stretched to fill the available space.
SystemKeyHighlight Gets or sets whether the Alt or F10 keys can be used to highlight the menu.
MenuElement Gets the instance of RadMenuElement wrapped by this control. RadMenuElement is the main element in the hierarchy tree and encapsulates the actual functionality of RadMenu.
Items Gets the collection that stores the items in RadMenu.
AllowMerge Gets or sets whether the merging is allowed.
Orientation Get or sets the menu orientation.
AllItemsEqualHeight Gets or sets whether all items will appear with the same size (the size of the highest item in the collection).
DropDownAnimationEnabled Gets or sets a value indicating whether the Drop Down animation will be enabled when it shows.
DropDownAnimationEasing Gets or sets the type of the Drop Down animation.
DropDownAnimationFrames Gets or sets the number of frames that will be used when the Drop Down is being animated.
IsMainMenu Defines whether RadMenu handles the MDI menu functionality.

The RadMenuElement's properties are listed below:

Property Description
ItemsLayout Gets an instance of the WrapLayoutPanel class that represents the layout panel in which the menu items reside.
MenuFill Gets an instance of the FillPrimitive class that represents the menu background fill.
MenuBorder Gets an instance of the BorderPrimitive class that represents the border of the menu.


Method Description
MergeMenu Merges the menu with the passed RadMenu as a parameter.
UnmergeMenu Unmerges the menu with the passed RadMenu as a parameter.


Event Description
OrientationChanged Fires when the Orientation is changed.
AllItemsEqualHeightChanged Fires when the AllItemsEqualHeight is changed.
TextOrientationChanged Fires when the MenuElement.TextOrientation is changed.

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