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Scale Indicators

The scale indicators use two measures - imperial and metric. Depending on the scale of the view port the indicators have two modes showing miles and kilometers or feet and meters.

Figure 1: Large Scale

WinForms RadMap Large Scale

Figure 2: Small Scale

WinForms RadMap Small Scale

Customizing Appearance

The scaling indicators expose several properties allowing modification of the way the element is painted.

Figure 3: Custom Text, Color and Bar Height

WinForms RadMap Custom Text, Color and Bar Height

Customizing Appearance

this.radMap1.MapElement.ScaleIndicatorElement.ImperialBarColor = Color.Red;
this.radMap1.MapElement.ScaleIndicatorElement.MetricBarColor = Color.Blue;
this.radMap1.MapElement.ScaleIndicatorElement.BarHeight = 4;
this.radMap1.MapElement.ScaleIndicatorElement.KilometersText = " км";
this.radMap1.MapElement.ScaleIndicatorElement.MetersText = " м";
this.radMap1.MapElement.ScaleIndicatorElement.MilesText = " ми";
this.radMap1.MapElement.ScaleIndicatorElement.FeetText = " фт";

Me.RadMap1.MapElement.ScaleIndicatorElement.ImperialBarColor = Color.Red
Me.RadMap1.MapElement.ScaleIndicatorElement.MetricBarColor = Color.Blue
Me.RadMap1.MapElement.ScaleIndicatorElement.BarHeight = 4
Me.RadMap1.MapElement.ScaleIndicatorElement.KilometersText = " км"
Me.RadMap1.MapElement.ScaleIndicatorElement.MetersText = " м"
Me.RadMap1.MapElement.ScaleIndicatorElement.MilesText = " ми"
Me.RadMap1.MapElement.ScaleIndicatorElement.FeetText = " фт"

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