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Navigation Controls

RadMap incorporates a navigation tool allowing the end to user to easily zoom, pan and change the current view.

Figure 1: Navigation Bar

WinForms RadMap Navigation Bar

The RadMap.ShowNavigationBar property is responsible for showing or hiding the navigation bar. By default this property is set to true and the location of the navigation bar is set to BottomRight.

Hide Navigation Bar

this.radMap1.ShowNavigationBar = false;

Me.RadMap1.ShowNavigationBar = False

Navigation Bar Location

The location of the MapNavigationBarElement is controlled by the RadMap.MapElement.NavigationBarLocation property.

  • MapNavigationBarLocation.TopRight: The location is set to the top right part of the view port.

Figure 2: TopRight

WinForms RadMap TopRight

  • MapNavigationBarLocation.TopLeft: The location is set to the top left part of the view port.

Figure 3: TopLeft

WinForms RadMap TopLeft

  • MapNavigationBarLocation.BottomLeft: The location is set to the bottom left part of the view port.

Figure 4: BottomLeft

WinForms RadMap BottomLeft

  • MapNavigationBarLocation.BottomCenter: The location is set to the bottom center part of the view port.

Figure 5: BottomCenter

WinForms RadMap BottomCenter

  • MapNavigationBarLocation.BottomRight: The location is set to the bottom right part of the view port.

Figure 6: BottomRight

WinForms RadMap BottomRight

View Modes

The navigation control allows an easy selection of the currently displayed view.

The views which will be displayed in the drop-down will vary depending on the chosen map provider: Providers Overview.

Figure 7: BingRestMapProvider Views

WinForms RadMap BingRestMapProvider Views

Zoom and Pan

The navigation control allows the end user to easily zoom and pan to a particular location on the map.

Figure 8: Zoom and Pan

WinForms RadMap Zoom and Pan

The MapNavigationBarElement can be accessed through the RadMap.MapElement.NavigationBarElement. The table below lists the exposed properties.


Property Description
MapElement Gets the map element.
ZoomInButton Gets the zoom in button.
ZoomOutButton Gets the zoom out button.
ViewButton Gets the view button.
MapNavigationElement Gets the map navigation element.

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