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Since RadListView uses the powerful data layer used also by RadGridView and RadListControl, it supports out of the box sorting, filtering and grouping operations. Every operation is achieved by adding the appropriate descriptor (FilterDescriptor, SortDescriptor or GroupDescriptor) to the respective descriptors collection of RadListView (FilterDescriptors and GroupDescriptors).

When a descriptor is created, the first required argument is a PropertyName . This property name is used to find a column in the Columns collection of RadListView and execute the desired operation over this column. If such does not exists,the operation is executed for the Value property of the items.

WinForms RadListView Features Overview

Another interesting feature of RadListView is the support of a kinetic scrolling, which makes the control convenient for usage of applications deployed on Kiosks. Enabling this feature is as simple as setting the EnableKineticScrolling property to true.

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