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Reordering Columns

RadGridView control supports column reordering by the user at run-time. The user has just to drag the desired column's header at the desired position among the other headers and drop it there. In the RadGridView control, the AllowColumnReorder property value determines whether users can move columns to different positions.

Allow or disallow column reordering

radGridView1.AllowColumnReorder = true;

RadGridView1.AllowColumnReorder = True

Figure 1: Reorder columns in RadGridView

WinForms RadGridView Reorder Columns in RadGridView

Reordering Columns Programmatically

In order to reorder columns in RadGridView programmatically you should use the Move method of the RadGridView Columns collection:

Reordering columns programmatically

radGridView1.Columns.Move(5, 0);
radGridView1.Columns.Move(4, 1);

RadGridView1.Columns.Move(5, 0)
RadGridView1.Columns.Move(4, 1)

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