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The main elements of the structure of RadGanttView are displayed below:

  • RadGanttView

    • RadGanttViewElement

      • GanttViewTextViewElement (virtualized container)

        • GanttViewTextItemElement

          • GanttViewTextViewCellElement
      • GanttViewGraphicalViewElement (virtualized container)

        • GanttViewTimelineContainer (virtualized container)

        • GanttGraphicalViewBaseItemElement

          • GanttGraphicalViewBaseTaskElement

WinForms RadGanttView Structure

  1. RadGanttViewElement is the main element contained in the control. It parents the two main elements that you can see in RadGanttView and the separator between them.

  2. GanttViewTextViewElement is a virtualized stack container which holds the columns of the text view and the items in it.

  3. GanttViewTextItemElement represents a single row in the text view.

  4. GanttViewTextViewCellElement is a cell element which displays data from the data item.

  5. GanttViewGraphicalViewElement is a virtualized stack container which holds the timeline container, the items graphically visualizing the gantt data and the links connecting different tasks.

  6. GanttViewTimelineContainer is a virtualized stack container which holds items displaying time.

  7. GanttGraphicalViewBaseItemElement is the base type for the items displayed in the graphical view element

  8. GanttGraphicalViewBaseTaskElement is the base type for the task elements.

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