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Item types

There are total of three item types:

  • Summary item
  • Milestone item
  • Task item

Summary Item

Summary items are defined as items that have sub tasks. Usually they start at the same point in time as the earliest starting child task. Respectively the summary task ends where the latest ending child task ends.

WinForms RadGanttView Summary Item

Milestone Item

Milestone items are defined as items with identical start and end time. They are used as an indication for major events in the timeline e.g. finishing of a module in a project or getting to a certain level of completion or phase.

WinForms RadGanttView Milestone Item

Task Item

Common tasks are concrete tasks with defined start and end time.

WinForms RadGanttView Task Item

The following table demonstrates the similarities and differences between the item types:

Item \ Function Movable Resizable Shows progress Shows text
Summary True True True False
Milestone True False False False
Task True True True True

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