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Adding items

The GanttViewDataItem Collection Editor allows you to add tasks to the gantt view in design time.

ganttview-designtime-adding-items 001

The more important properties of the item you need to set up are:

  • Title: This is the text that will be displayed over the item if it is a Task item. No text is displayed for summary and milestone items.

  • Start: The start date and time for the task.

  • End: The end date and time for the task.

  • ReadOnly: Determines whether this item is editable.

  • Visible: Determines whether this item will be visible in RadGanttView.

  • ContextMenu: Allows you to assign a particular context menu to each individual item. Individual context menus are shown with higher priority than the default of the control’s context menu.

  • Progress: Allows you to set the completion of the task.

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