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Adding Columns

The GanttViewTextViewColumn CollectionEditor allows you to add columns to the gantt view at design time.

WinForms RadGanttView Columns Design Time

The more important properties of the column you need to set up are:

  • HeaderText: This is the text displayed in the header cell of the column.

  • Name: The name of the column. Must be unique for each column in the gantt view.

  • Visible: Determines whether this column is visible or not.

  • Width: Determines the width in pixels of the column.

  • FieldName: In bound mode should be set to a property name of the data bound item of each GanttViewDataItem. The cells in this column will display the data from this property. In unbound mode should be set to a property of GanttViewDataItem or if you are using a custom data item to a property of this data item.

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