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SetThemeName method

You can easily set the ThemeName of the RadMessageBox by calling the SetThemeName parameter, passing the theme name string:

Setting a theme in RadMessageBox



Show method

The Show method displays a RadMessageBox. It returns a DialogResult value and has a couple of overloads to suit to your needs. For a list of all methods see the API Reference section. Show method could accept the following parameters:

  • Parent - An implementation of System.Windows.Forms.IWin32Window that will own the RadMessageBox.

  • Text - The text to display in the RadMessageBox.

  • Caption - The text to display in the title bar of the RadMessageBox.

  • Buttons - One of the MessageBoxButtons enumeration values that specifies which buttons to display in the message box:

    • AbortRetryIgnore

    • OK

    • OKCancel

    • RetryCancel

    • YesNo

    • YesNoCancel

  • Icon - One of the RadMessageIcon enumeration values that specifies which icon to display in the message box or a custom Bitmap icon that will be displayed:

    • RadMessageIcon.None

    • RadMessageIcon.Info

    • RadMessageIcon.Question

    • RadMessageIcon.Exclamation

    • RadMessageIcon.Error

  • defaultBtn - One of the MessageBoxDefaultButton enumeration values the specifies the default button for the message box:

    • MessageBoxDefaultButton.Button1

    • MessageBoxDefaultButton.Button2

    • MessageBoxDefaultButton.Button2

  • Rtl - RightToLeft settings:

    • RightToLeft.No

    • RightToLeft.Yes

    • RightToLeft.Inherit

Details Section

As of Q2 2014 RadMessageBox supports details section. This section can be shown by just specifying the details text in the Show method parameters:

RadMessageBox.Show("Message", "Caption Text", MessageBoxButtons.AbortRetryIgnore, "Details Text");

RadMessageBox.Show("Message", "Caption Text", MessageBoxButtons.AbortRetryIgnore, "Details Text")
'#End Region
End Sub
lass MyRadMessageLocalizationProvider
Inherits RadMessageLocalizationProvider
Public Overloads Overrides Function GetLocalizedString(ByVal id As String) As String
Select Case id
    Case RadMessageStringID.AbortButton
        Return "Abbruch"
    Case RadMessageStringID.CancelButton
        Return "Löschen"
    Case RadMessageStringID.IgnoreButton
        Return "Ignorieren"
    Case RadMessageStringID.NoButton
        Return "Nein"
    Case RadMessageStringID.OKButton
        Return "OK"
    Case RadMessageStringID.RetryButton
        Return "Wiederholung"
    Case RadMessageStringID.YesButton
        Return "Ja"
    Case Else
        Return MyBase.GetLocalizedString(id)
End Select
End Function

The result looks like this:

WinForms RadMessageBox Details Section

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