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RadTextBoxControl vs RadTextBox

This article will demonstrate the difference between RadTextBox and RadTextBoxControl.

The main and most important difference between RadTextBox and RadTextBoxControl is that RadTextBox is a wrapper around the standard .NET TextBox control, while RadTextBoxControl is built entirely on top of Telerik Presentation Framework. This main difference helps avoid some of the limitations that hosted controls introduce such as unsupported clipping, higher memory usage, slower painting, etc. Follows a comparison table with the different features between these controls.

RadTextBox RadTextBoxControl
DefaultText DefaultText
TextChanging TextChanging
Only the borders can be themed Fully themable
IME support IME support
RTL support -
- Easy customizations and enhancements
- TextBlock formatting and replacement
- Localizable context menu
- Supports transparency, image or gradient as background
- Lightweight as it does not host control in it
- Flexible and intuitive API
- Customizible AutoComplete with data binding

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