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Mask Types and Providers

The following table lists the available mask types that RadMaskedEditBox offers and the respective IMaskProvider that handles the user's mouse and keyboard input:

MaskType IMaskProvider
MaskType.None TextBoxProvider
MaskType.DateTime MaskDateTimeProvider
MaskType.Numeric NumericMaskTextBoxProvider
MaskType.Standard StandartMaskTextBoxProvider
MaskType.Regex RegexMaskTextBoxProvider - you can define Regex expressions as masks.
MaskType.IP IPMaskTextBoxProvider - used for IP validation)
MaskType.EMail EMailMaskTextBoxProvider - used for email validation
MaskType.FreeFormDateTime FreeFormDateTimeProvider - you can find more information how this DateTime parsing logic works: Parsing Dates
MaskType.TimeSpan MaskTimeSpanProvider

The provider can be accessed by the MaskedEditBoxElement.Provider property. You should cast it to the respective type in order to access the relevant API that the specific provider offers.

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