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Advanced Layout Designer

This designer allows you to build your layout at design-time. You can arrange the windows the same way as at run time.

Figure 1: Advanced Layout Designer.


The table below shows what you can do with the buttons in the title bar:

ButtonGroup Description
raddock-advanced-layout-designer002 This button allows you to close the designer. You can save or discard any changes.
raddock-advanced-layout-designer003 This buttons allow you to add a ToolWindow at any desired position
raddock-advanced-layout-designer004 This group allow you to add DocumentWindows. You can clear all document windows as well.
raddock-advanced-layout-designer005 With this group you can save the layout to a file. You can load a predefined layouts as well.
raddock-advanced-layout-designer006 You can remove ToolWindows by clicking the red button in the windows list.
raddock-advanced-layout-designer007 The main area shows the current layout. Here you can arrange the windows by simply dragging them to the desired position.

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