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RadDataFilter contains two types of items:

  • Group: This item can contain other groups or expression items and sets the relation between them.
  • Expression: Defines a single field filter criteria and can be added only to group nodes.

Figure 1: RadDataFilter structure

WinForms RadDataFilter Structure

  1. Root Operator Item: This is the main operator and it hosts all other group and expression items. This node cannot be removed by default. Pressing its delete button will clear all other items.
  2. Nested Group Item: The groups can hold any number of expression or group items. Can be added with the add button.
  3. Filter Expression Item: The filter expressions allows you to define the entire filter criteria. Each item allows you to chose the FieldName the FilterOperator and the FilterValue.
  4. Add Button: This button is available on each level and allows you to add expression or group items.
  5. Logical Operator: This operator defines how the expressions are related to each other in each group.
  6. Delete Button: This button removes the current along with all underlying items.
  7. Field Name: Represents a list with all of the available data fields, which can serve as a filter criteria.
  8. Filter Operator: Represents a list with all of the available operators for the filter criteria depending on the property data type.
  9. Filter Value: Represents an input box, where the users can enter their filter input. The built-in filter editors will help the users to achieve this fast and easily, providing them with data type specific editor.

Elements Hierarchy

Figure 2: The Element structure of RadDataFilter

WinForms RadDataFilter Elements Structure

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