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Carousel Path

The CarouselPath property defines the route that the carousel items will be animated along. Assign a CarouselParameterPath descendant instance to the CarouselPath property.

When the Z (depth) component of the points in the path are all zero, i.e. the points are in a plane, the carousel automatically sets higher Z indexes for items next to the selected item. This puts the selected item in the foreground, with the other items in the list layered in the background.


CarouselEllipsePath is a CarouselParameterPath descendant that defines a three dimensional elliptical path for carousel items to travel along during animation. The significant properties are:

  • Center: A three dimensional point (a Point3D type, having X, Y and Z components) that defines the center position of the ellipse.

  • U, V: Two points in three dimensional space that describe the distance from the center of the ellipse.

  • InitialAngle , FinalAngle: The starting and ending number of degrees of the arc that defines the ellipse.  For example an InitialAngle of zero and a FinalAngle of 360 describes a complete ellipse.

Defining ellipse path

CarouselEllipsePath ellipsePath = new CarouselEllipsePath();
ellipsePath.Center = new Telerik.WinControls.UI.Point3D(50, 50, 0);
ellipsePath.FinalAngle = -100;
ellipsePath.InitialAngle = -90;
ellipsePath.U = new Telerik.WinControls.UI.Point3D(-20, -17, -50);
ellipsePath.V = new Telerik.WinControls.UI.Point3D(30, -25, -60);
ellipsePath.ZScale = 500;
this.radCarousel1.CarouselPath = ellipsePath;

Dim ellipsePath As CarouselEllipsePath = New CarouselEllipsePath
ellipsePath.Center = New Telerik.WinControls.UI.Point3D(50, 50, 0)
ellipsePath.FinalAngle = 360
ellipsePath.InitialAngle = 0
ellipsePath.U = New Telerik.WinControls.UI.Point3D(-20, -17, -50)
ellipsePath.V = New Telerik.WinControls.UI.Point3D(30, -25, -60)
ellipsePath.ZScale = 500
Me.RadCarousel1.CarouselPath = ellipsePath


CarouselBezierPath describes two end points and two "control" points in three dimensional space. The control points dictate the amount of curve between the end points. The significant properties are:

  • FirstPoint, LastPoint: These are the two end points for the Bezier curve. Both are Point3D types having X, Y and Z properties.

  • CtrlPoint1, CtrlPoint2: These are the two points that "pull" against the line described by FirstPoint and LastPoint to create the curve. Both are Point3D types having X, Y and Z properties.

Defining bezier path

CarouselBezierPath bezierPath = new CarouselBezierPath();
bezierPath.FirstPoint = new Point3D(10, 20, 0);
bezierPath.CtrlPoint1 = new Point3D(14, 76, 70);
bezierPath.CtrlPoint2 = new Point3D(86, 76, 70);
bezierPath.LastPoint = new Point3D(90, 20, 0);
this.radCarousel1.CarouselPath = bezierPath;

Dim bezierPath As New CarouselBezierPath()
bezierPath.FirstPoint = New Point3D(10, 20, 0)
bezierPath.CtrlPoint1 = New Point3D(14, 76, 70)
bezierPath.CtrlPoint2 = New Point3D(86, 76, 70)
bezierPath.LastPoint = New Point3D(90, 20, 0)
Me.RadCarousel1.CarouselPath = bezierPath

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