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Column and Row Headers

RadCalendar supports row and column headers that can be enabled by setting the ShowRowHeaders, ShowColumnHeaders and ShowViewSelector properties:

Figure 1: The column/row headers and the view selector

WinForms RadCalendar The Column/Row Headers and The View Selector

this.radCalendar1.ShowRowHeaders = true;
this.radCalendar1.ShowColumnHeaders = true;
this.radCalendar1.ShowViewSelector = true;

Me.RadCalendar1.ShowRowHeaders = True
Me.RadCalendar1.ShowColumnHeaders = True
Me.RadCalendar1.ShowViewSelector = True

These headers can be used as selectors which allow you to quickly select groups of days in multi-select mode. The ViewSelector allows you to select the whole month view at once.

this.radCalendar1.AllowMultipleSelect = true;
this.radCalendar1.AllowColumnHeaderSelectors = true;
this.radCalendar1.AllowRowHeaderSelectors = true;

Me.RadCalendar1.AllowMultipleSelect = True
Me.RadCalendar1.AllowColumnHeaderSelectors = True
Me.RadCalendar1.AllowRowHeaderSelectors = True

Selecting specific day with column header

WinForms RadCalendar Selecting Specific Day With Column Header

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