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This article will show the internal elements structure of RadToggleSwitch:

Fiure 1: RadToggleSwitch's elements hierarchy

WinForms RadToggleSwitch's Elements Hierarchy

This article describes the inner structure and organization of the elements which build the RadToggleSwitch control.

Figure 2: RadToggleSwitch visual structure

WinForms RadToggleSwitch Visual Structure

  1. ToggleSwitchPartElement: visual representation of the RadToggleSwitchElement.OnElement.

  2. ToggleSwitchThumbElement: visual representation of the RadToggleSwitchElement.Thumb.

  3. ToggleSwitchPartElement: visual representation of the RadToggleSwitchElement.OffElement.

Depending on the Value only one of the ToggleSwitchPartElement s is shown.

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