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This articles list the most important properties of RadBindingNavigator.

  • BindingSource: Use this property to assign the binding source.

  • CountItemFormat: Gets or sets the CountItemFormat format string.

  • AutoHandleAddNew: Gets or sets a value indicating whether the control will handle internally the creation of new items. When this property is set to false you should subscribe to the add new button Click event and manually add the item to the data source.

  • BindingNavigatorElement: The binding navigator element gives access to the following properties:

    • FirstButton
    • PreviousButton
    • CurrentNumberTextBox
    • PageLabel
    • NextButton
    • LastButton
    • AddNewButton
    • DeleteButton
    • MoveFirstItemButtonImage
    • MovePreviousItemButtonImage
    • MoveNextItemButtonImage
    • MoveLastItemButtonImage
    • AddNewButtonImage
    • DeleteButtonImage
    • ButtonDisplayStyle - Gets or sets a value indicating, whether the buttons will display images or glyphs.(introduced in R2 2021)
    • ButtonGlyphSize - Gets or sets the font size of the glyphs when the ButtonDisplayStyle property is set to BindingNavigatorButtonDisplayStyle.Glyph.(introduced in R2 2021)

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