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Getting Started with WinForms BarcodeView

  1. To start using RadBarcodeView just drag it from the toolbox and drop it at the form.

    WinForms RadBarcodeView Design Time

    The default Symbology is QRCode and the initial value is 12345.

    WinForms RadBarcodeView QRCode Symbology Default

  2. After choosing the desired Symbology you can further adjust its specific settings if available:

    WinForms RadBarcodeView Symbology Selection

  3. The value which is encoded is set through the Value property.

  4. The width (size) of the bar-code elements is auto calculated from the size of the control.

    WinForms RadBarcodeView Size

  5. By default, RadBarcodeView uses black color to draw the bar-code elements. You can customize it by the ForeColor property.

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